Aphasic Archaeology in the Temporal Landscape
showed from March 16–April 6, 2019 in the Art + Landscape STL show in Granite City Art and Design District (IL). 

Curated by Gavin Kroeber

Photo by Meghan Grubb

Photo by Meghan Grubb

The work was conceived and constructed during the weeks after a brain surgery (January 28th, 2019), affecting functions in the temporal lobe and producing acoustic-mnestic aphasia.

Before being struck by aphasia the artist was interrogating archaeological methods and conducting research about landscape toxicity and remediation. Thus, through broken language, the artist attempted to understand:

The landscape archaeologist—beyond tracing architecture or finding artifact—examines the smallest sample of earth to find out how people might have utilized entire landscapes.

Acoustic-mnestic aphasia, resulting from lesions in the left temporal lobe, marked by difficulty in remembering words and reproducing long sentences.

Landscapes, like bodies, always have thresholds of utilization. How well are we able to read the signs? How well-equipped are we to discern between treating symptoms and remediating?

Each artifact collected from Aphasic Archaeology in the Temporal Landscape will come with a letter explanation of health benefits from LandscapeHealthcare.